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  Customised kiosks are used for a variety of functions. Here, they enable the student to browse the available recreational and sport activities, customise their own

  programme of events and produce a personalised timetable. Where space is limited, the Kiosk Print Station provides a simple solution. Using the student’s ID

  card and its smart-encoded data, the kiosk is able to record the information selected and streamline the registration process.




  Every educational institute wants to make sure their school is secure and efficient as possible while keeping the budget in mind. We offers flexible solutions to print your

  card demand on-site. Matica card printers are used to create secure student and visitor ID cards. Ranging from basic functionality to smart cards, the students’ information

  can be captured and a professional, secure ID card produced on demand, quickly and efficiently. Photos can also be taken using a camera and added to the card.




  Swipe-card access-control systems not only reduce administration, but also help to improve security on campus. Capturing the card’s smart-encoded data in a split

  second, class attendance is recorded quickly and efficiently. Issuing secure ID cards for both students and staff is a great way to create a safe and secure learning

  environment.  Schools, site colleges and universities can then utilize these cards to their maximum potential by integrating them with access control and cafeteria, vending

  and library transactions.




  School systems manage an incredible amount of inventory, including computers, book, school equipment and other asset. Keeping track of this massive amount of

  inventory is a major challenge for school districts, a challenge that they all too-often fail. Technology can go a long way toward helping school districts better manage their

  asset.Reduce losses and improve the tracking of school assets, such as libary books, using bar code labels and RFID tags. These simplify the recording of changes of books

  location, condition and availability, ensuring that accurate information is readily available. Using genuine TSC specialist supplies, the labels library can withstand

  heat, light and liquid as required. Students can keep up to date with their book returns by looking at the stamp in their book, but also via SMS and

  social-media updates.






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About Unicode Pratama

PT Unicode Pratama is a company engaged in the field of trade and services that focus on industry AIDC (Automatic Identification Data Capture) that was established in June 2008 and located in Jakarta. In today’s business challenges and the company continues to move forward in become the leading IT company in Indonesia.

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