Janz Point of Sales

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Janz Machtvoll POS is a premier manufacturer of POS system. Enterprise customers know that new technologies are needed to address the most demanding business problems today, and Janz Machtvoll POS can be counted on to stand up to the rigors of the toughest applications. Janz Machtvoll POS and stationary computers are known for their rugged design, reliable performance and inclusion of state-of-the-art technology.

Janz JZ-PT350 Point of Sales

JANZ-Thermal-Printer-JZ-TP-350Janz's cost-effective EPOS-friendly Janz JZ-PT350 , designed for smaller retailers, is fast, reliable and supports all. It features printing with colorful LED indicators. With cutter jam auto-eliminating design it can handle printing to make easy.

Janz JZ-PT250 Point of Sales

JANZ-250The Janz JZ-PT250 Point of Sales ideal for use with POS terminals on counters or teller stations. With wifi, bluetooth, and parallel interface make offers all it easy to application POS. The design Janz JZ-PT250 with metalic printer enclosure.

Janz Matchvoll JZ-Ti 310 Point of Sales

JANZ-JZ-Ti-310The Janz Matchvoll JZ-Ti 310 Point-of-Sale (POS) is a cost-effective choice for environments that need the benefits of both receipt and validation. The Janz Matchvoll JZ-Ti 310 easy maintenance design and has a waterproof front panel.

Janz Matchvoll JZ-TE230 Point of Sales

Janz-Matchvoll-POS-JZ-TE230Janz Matchvoll POS JZ-TE230, come with affordable price and better specification compare with another brand on the same segment. Very suitable for middle to low business level. And ensure a good quality as POS system hardware.

Janz Matchvoll JZ-TC 230 Point of Sales

JANZ-JZ-TC-230Janz's cost-effective mPOS-friendly Janz Matchvoll JZ-TC 230, designed for smaller retailers, is fast, space-saving and easy maintenance. An efficient printer/controller with built-in processing power and memory, it can seamlessly connect to POS systems.

Janz Matchvoll JZ-TA 230 Point of Sales

JANZ-TA-230Janz's EPOS-friendly JZ-TA 230 terminal casier with angle adjustable customer display. They are designed to can intergated high-speed thermal reciept printer.

Janz JZ-CF 270 Point of Sales

JANZ-JZ-CF-270The standart flip top cash drawer which is very popular in compact retail environment, various interfaces and available for POS terminal.

Janz JZ-CU 170 Point of Sales

JANZ-JZ-CU-170Perfect platform for frequent use demands in your retail environment and the ideal base for large size ECR with affordable price but quality oriented. Equip with durable metal wire gripper bill holder and removable coin tray.

Janz JZ-CU 270 Point of Sales

Janz JZ-CU-270Made of heavy gauge steel, suitable for heavy duty use and prolonged operational life, the ideal choice for reliability and perfect platform for any EPoS terminal and the ideal base of large size ECR.

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PT Unicode Pratama is a company engaged in the field of trade and services that focus on industry AIDC (Automatic Identification Data Capture) that was established in June 2008 and located in Jakarta. In today’s business challenges and the company continues to move forward in become the leading IT company in Indonesia.

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