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Matica Technologies is a leading worldwide company that designs, manufactures and markets card personalization, card mailing systems and ID card printers with an extensive product portfolio that includes innovative central and instant issuance solutions for Financial, Government, Healthcare, Corporate, Education, Transport, Telecommunication, and Retail applications, such as passports, driving licences, or access control cards.

matica-p202iThis four-color, high security inkjet printer is dedicated especially for ePassport and visa issuance and can easily process passports with up to 100 pages. The ink cartridges are monitored by the software driver to avoid wrong printing and are very easy to replace.

matica-P101iThis six-color, high security inkjet printer is dedicated especially for ePassport and visa issuance and can easily process passports with up to 100 pages. The P101i includes many standard features like 4800 dpi printing and multiple UV ink options, and fits perfectly into a standard passport print office environment.

matica-product-XID9600e_V1.The XID9600e is the most sophisticated retransfer card printer offering in the desktop card issuance market. It is a part of the new Matica Desktop Modules (MDM) concept, offering a number of individual and unique hardware modules that can be combined.

matica-XID9300eDesigned to last, the new XID9300e retransfer desktop printer is the perfect solution for on-the-spot issuance when it comes to heavy-duty cycles. It´s designed for service bureaus offering 300 dpi high-performance card printing in addition to traditional direct-to-card personalization.

Matica LCP8000 Card Printers

matica-lcp8000The LCP8000 laser color personalization system was developed exclusively for high security corporate needs, as well as government applications. It integrates the advantages of high quality XID retransfer color printing with secure laser engraving on a card in a single process.

Matica LES8000 Card Printers

matica-les8000Matica’s advanced laser technology brings unprecedented quality and power of industrial HQ laser engraving to the desktop in a stand-alone system. Compact, light (32 Kg. approx.) scalable and capable of handling several types of ID cards.

matica-ESPRESSO-IIThe Espresso II represents Italian design & engineering and reflects German reliability with its consistent performance. It offers its users great value and versatility with superior card print speed and outstanding ID card quality.

Matica XL8300 Retransfer Card Printers

matica-XL8300Matica´s new XL8300 is an innovative retransfer printer, that specializes in printing exceptionally high quality oversized cards for the event management industry, and is capable of printing up to 128 cards per hour.

Matica XID9330 Retransfer Card Printers

matica-xid9330The double-sided XID9330 Retransfer Card Printer is the most powerful and versatile desktop unit in its class. The printer combines a maximum hourly output of printed cards with a wide range of encoding and highly secure lamination options.

Matica XID9300 Retransfer Card Printers

matica-9300.For maximum flexibility in a professional environment, our innovative, double-side XID9300 Retransfer Card Printer comes preset for various encoding and lamination options. It offers high quality and highly durable print results with near offset print quality even on the challenging surfaces of smart cards.

Matica XID8600 Retransfer Card Printers

matica-XID8600The dominant feature of this version is the ultra high resolution of 600dpi. This extremely high resolution is perfectly serving the increased security printing demands in ambitious ID Card applications, such as National ID programs, Drivers License Programs and similar.


Matica XID8300 Retransfer Card Printers

matica-XID-8300The flexible solution for high quality smart card personalization. The industrial quality, single or double-sided XID8300 Retransfer Card Printer is equipped with various optional modules such as bend remedy, flipper, and mag stripe or smart card encoding.

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